Aluminum Foils:

Characteristics of Punched Aluminum Foils in Different Sizes:

+ Laminated :

  • Laminated with PE (Poly Ethylene) Film
This type is using in sealing PE containers; the most common types are used in sealing yogurt containers.
  • Laminated with CPP (Cast Poly Propylene) Film

a) To seal PP containers
This type is used in sealing acidic and alkali materials such as UF cheese, pickles, verjuice and cup buttermilks and so on.

b) To seal PS containers
These types are used instead of PS coated in some cases, in which easily opening is not a matter of importance, (Notice: using PS coating results in having an easy open seal)

+ Coated :

  • Coated with PS (Poly Styrene)
This type is appropriate to do heat sealing the PS containers
  • Coated with PP (Poly Propylene)
This type is appropriate to do heat sealing the PS containers
  • Laminated
  • Coated

To use in relating industry....

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Induction Seal Washer:

Products Characteristics :

• The first and only Iranian Firm which produces cardboard seal inductions with 1mm thickness
• Packaged in tube shape sorting
• Capability of using in wading set
• Capability of one and multi colored printing at your request
• Capability of hologram printing on Aluminum foil at customers' taste
• Capability of printing logo on foils in the middle of container opening or even shower printing on foils and cardboards
• Ability of preparing cardboards, Aluminum foils and layer much the same container according customers' taste
• Unity of products' diameter
• Separating foil from seal foam after completing sealing process
• Ability of sealing corrosions products such as a wide range of toxins, solvers and some kinds of acidity

  • Foam/Paper back to seal PE, PET and Glass
  • Food Grade
  • Easy open one piece
  • Air permeable and water impermeable

To use in the Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic & so on industries،...

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