Principles and Methods of induction sealing

Radbeh Aluminum Structures Company (Salura), a manufacturer  of different types of two layer and one layer induction sealing wads for sealing containers of food and agricultural products and industrial oils, is proud to introduce principles and ways of induction sealing. In fact, Salura does its best to satisfy manufacturers of mentioned products by facilitating packaging industry.
Induction sealing Method
There are some steps to do induction sealing. Firstly, induction sealing wads, with Al foil in one side and paper/foam in the other side which are stock together and have the thickness of 0.5-2 mm in the same size of the cap of containers, are placed in the cap of containers. Inserting wads into the cap of containers is performed by wad inserting machine or manually. According to Figure 1 wads are inserted in caps so that the aluminum is on the outside. It is noticeable that SALURA Company, as the first and only Iranian company, produces induction sealing wads with the thickness of 1mm which is .
appropriate to demands in hygienic type to seal pharmaceutical, foods and industrial products and so on.

Figure 1. Induction sealing wads, placed in caps and the aluminum is on the outside.

After filling the container and closing its cap, AL foil placed in the cap of container by using different induction sealing machine, hand held  or semi- automatic and automatic one is heated inside the container so causing the melting of plastic foil and stick to the opening of the bottle . As a matter of fact, eddy currents of Electromagnetic area, produced by the sealing device, play the main role in the increasing the temperature of Al foil. There is needed that caps of containers be exposed on the handle of sealing machine in the specific distance in a certain time (Fig. 2), while the container is passed under the head of automatic machine. The head of the automatic device is a box with 45cm length or much. After the container passes under the head the induction sealing process is finished. It means, if you open the cap of container, you will observe the paper is placed in the cap and the Al foil is stuck to the opening of container.
 Figure 2. Hand held induction sealing machine.

Figure 3. Automatic induction sealing machine

Notice, it is a long time that induction sealing is used in a wide range of industries; however, it is known in Iran recently and lots of manufacturers are not aware of its advantages and its applications methods. Radbeh Aluminum Structures ( Salura ) , enjoying experts, is able to produce a one piece and two piece induction sealing washers for sealing food, pharmaceutical, agricultural  products and industrial oils. Moreover, it is Salura’s great pleasure to provide advice on selecting the appropriate induction sealing wads and machines to manufactures of various products.